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Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I believe in the power of my own words to make either negative or positive progress in my life. Therefore I choose to counter my negative thoughts with positive words of affirmation. I am a high achiever, so I constantly tell myself, despite the odds, that "I am able to do anything that I say I can do." Positive words like these, help to counter any thoughts of doubt about myself or my abilities. Whenever I feel doubt coming on, I pause, breathe and pray. In those moments I am renewed and feel determined and focused on my potential. When I remind myself of the force that I am, all doubt starts to take a back seat to my anxieties and fears. So I realize, that in order for me to continue to be successful, I have to persevere, be present, be determined and celebrate even my small wins. When I celebrate even my small wins, I give authority to my inner fire and that makes me not only shine on the outside but it makes me a winner.

How do you maintain a positive mindset after your inner self-critic starts trying to knock you off your game?

#iamabeautifulmess #abeautifulmessprojectorg

XO- Kookie Maddox

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